University of Tsukuba
Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences

Doctoral Program in Human Care Science

   Our program aims to establish human care science as an integrated research field on care for human, of which theory and practice have been pursued in independent disciplines such as education, welfare, nursing, health care, and counseling.

   Our program consists of 11 departments: Education for Coexistence, Developmental Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Health Counseling & Socio-Behavioral Health, Livelihood Support Science, Gerontological Nursing & Caring, Social Psychiatry & Mental Health, Medical Science & Welfare, Health Care Policy & Management, Health Services Research, and Human Security. We are devoted to train competent researchers and professionals with broad and in-depth knowledge, who can develop holistic theory and its effective application, or apply established techniques and skills to the care for human.

   Based on this idea, the program was launched as a 5 year doctoral program open to bachelors in 2001. Although the original program achieved various results, we have now reorganized the program to 3 year doctoral program open to masters in order to welcome their more diverse backgrounds by entrusting master's level education and research training to relevant programs.

   In addition to this reorgnization, we are also about to start a new system, "Double Major". "Double Major" allows students with certain qualifications such as health professional with master's degree to take courses in medical doctoral program to obtain Ph.D. in medicine as well as Ph.D. in human care science. The system aims to raise competent researchers and professionals with knowledge of not only theory and practice of human care science, but also of social medicine.